Useful Information for Employers

Partnership with IAESTE

The main benefits from your partnership with IAESTE

The benefits of working with IAESTE for the employer are manifold.

It is a process in which you determine the framework within which the qualifications of the people who will work for you for the period you will determine will vary. As for the safety of the students who will do the internship, it is something that is not going to bother you. The reason is that IAESTE internationally takes care of insuring its students before sending them to the host countries.

The main benefits to your organization for receiving a foreign trainee are:

  • Responsible and highly motivated students selected according to your criteria, conditions and requests
  • A simple procedure: IAESTE takes care of administration and everything else that is connected with the student’s stay in our country (i.e. visa, accommodation, cultural and social program)
  • Your employees would have the opportunity to use foreign language and to acquire intercultural exchange
  • International spirit, new ideas and opportunities for making contact and collaborating with foreign companies and universities
  • Acquiring a company reputation that follows the worlds’ standards and helps future young engineers & scientist to improve their professional knowledge and skills
  • Take part in community service – With every offer that you approve for a foreign student, you enable one Greek student to partake in an internship abroad.

For more information you can visit the global IAESTE website.

Procedure for offering internships

Most students are employed during the summer period, ie from June to October, in Private or Public Enterprises, Universities or Research Centers. The employer determines the specialty, any special technical or linguistic knowledge of the employed student, the time period when the position is available and any other qualification he deems necessary. All foreign students coming to Greece are already insured through an international insurance organization for illness, accident, etc. Also the necessary residence and work permits are secured by IAESTE. Student pay is generally equal to the salary of the unskilled worker to ensure a satisfactory standard of living.

After the internship, two reports for each student are exchanged between the member countries. One is written by the company and the second by the student. This makes better use of the experience resulting from the implementation of the internship and improves the institution for the benefit of both students and businesses.

Position Offers

To offer an intership position, or for obtaining more information about IAETE, do not hesitate to contact us!