Information for Students - Internship Process

Internship Process


Before you travel to Greece and once you have received your official acceptance docs (you can download them from the Exchange Platform any time you wish) you need to make sure you issue the following docs from your country which are IMPERATIVE in order to get a TAX and a SOCIAL SECURITY number upon arrival.

The docs you will need are:

  • Visa type C or D in case you are a non-European Union citizen. You can issue your visa by visiting the closest Greek Embassy or Consulate in your country. Along with the official acceptance docs we will upload a letter addressed to the Greek Authorities which will facilitate the issuance of your visa.

  • Your health insurance.

At IAESTE, we strongly recommend to each student to organise their own insurance cover. The good news is that IAESTE is partnering with SwissCare - an insurance vendor providing international health and travel insurance for expats, travelers, and students.

This insurance can be arranged online - in less than 30 seconds, you will be guided to the insurance plan that suits your needs. You will have all the necessary information for applying to the insurance.

It is simple - combining relevant but useful benefits at a great price.

You can arrange it fast - a few clicks and payment by credit card - your insurance policy is ready immediately.

Enjoy the search for your next internship!


  • Your passport and a couple of copies of it.

  • A copy of your birth certificate (preferably in English).

  • A copy of your family status certificate (again if possible in English).

There is no need for you to email us the afore mentioned docs once collected. Just make sure you have them in your suitcase because once you arrive we will need to officially translate them in Greek and have them with us for your appointments with the Greek Authorities.

A few weeks prior to your arrival you will be contacted by one of our members who will be your ‘mentor’ short of speak during your stay with us. He/She will help you with accommodation and will be happy to assist you with all the arrangements need to be made prior to your arrival. Lodging is arranged by us most of the times and if not possible you will know well in advance, as it will be clearly stated on the O’form of the offer. It goes without saying that you can make your own living arrangements if you prefer.


Once you arrive we will escort you to the necessary Greek Authorities in order to issue you tax and social security number. Apart from the docs which you need to bring along you will also need to ask your landlady/landlord for an “accommodation certificate”. It is not something complicated, although the name suggests otherwise, and we will give you a pro-forma that your landlord can use.

We will also guide you to your place of work the first day and generally speaking help you get a monthly travel card or/and, a Greek mobile number and whatever else you may need for your smooth transition to your new life in our country.

Throughout your internship we are here for you for anything you may need. We are here for any trouble you may run into, or any dispute with your employer, although both cases highly unlikely.


Once you finish your internship and before we bid you farewell we would be very grateful if you could send us a couple of pictures along with a short outline of your whole experience which we will then upload in our website and social media for other incoming students to see. You are after all the most reliable source of information for any student wishing to train in Greece.

After you finish your internship you can download your official certificate from the Exchange Platform. Through the platform you can also have access to the employer’s report (see what your employer had to say about you) but also submit your trainee’s report. Finally we strongly suggest you ask your employer for a recommendation letter which will be a valuable addition to your resume.